Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coursera Classes!

I am very pleased with my Coursera Classes. I am a few days behind on my lectures (I am supposed to have another class start on the 15th).

I had a hassle free drop from the introduction to Mathematical thinking (It was too basic for me to need it); Yet my Statistics I class is so in depth that I with that the was working all the time, because the R software is so difficult to use.

I need to get some more books on the R software because it is one of the most amazing analytical software pieces I have ever seen for data manipulation, far beyond mathematica stats package.

I have already taken stats in Community college (I didn't get a C, a D instead), but it was decent enough that I am taking it again.  I love the interface for the program, unfortunately not all of the students are doing the assignments and there is not quite an accreditation, so I am just listening to lectures and trying to plink away on R (I am having a file detect problem).  I can see R being useful in almost every field of study.

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