Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Bah I had opposition today, I had to re-sign up for school since I graduated already to take classes.  I missed the early registration, at least I am in sophmore level classes they do not fill up as fast.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Whoot! Back home

It's been rough not being on a computer since my laptop was stolen.  Thankfully my desktop was safe and sound from thieves I can hook it up and still have a computer to work with.  Think are looking good today, an apartment is going to be made available for my brother and I (unfortunately the truck was sold), and school signups are tomorrow.

Unfortunately I am not able to transfer to winston-salem state yet, but they are kind enough to get me a fee waiver and get me started on the application process until my expungement hopefully goes through in january.

Today is looking positive!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well I haven't been able to start on that stats paper yet

Well a few days on the train I'm beginning to feel almost back to normal.  Los Angeles didn't treat me so well, all my electronic devices were pilfered and looted.  Now I have a phone I am going to have to figure out how to re-establish a device system.  I just saw the newest android pad out on the market it's half the price I payed for my old one.  But I don't really need one now that I have a phone. 

I think at this point I am going to need to worry more about theft than worrying about having a cool tablet or laptop to use.  I didn't really need a phone my 7.7 was cost effective and it worked for 9 months, and had a 40 dollar a month cost.

Well I lost 3 changes of rotational clothing and my electronics, but at least I made it out with my wallet and shoes (I was able to drop by the verizon store and got an older android, a 3.2 on my tab).  I am kinda pissed off the pad was 500 dollars but I didn't anticipate it getting stolen.

I still have my desktop computer at home, I think at this point I will stay ultra conservative and just stick with the phone and desktop (I will keep my eyes open for a flat screen, if I have to use Photoshop, Mathematica or something I think mobile it's not worth it, I can still read on my phone with little difficulty).

This is why I think the 3d pocket projectors for cellphone  will be a hot item on the market, because it's small enough to fit into your pocket to prevent theft but give a large enough screen to see things.

Im not in school right now anyways i don't need my portable computer.

This side pack is nice, I have a charger pack for my cellphone, it helps a lot.

I think for now on i will just use a photographic notepad with one note uploads. I am so dirty I need a shower lol

Friday, November 16, 2012

New urban friend.

I have a new urban companion haha, I guess I can see the difference between real schizophrenia and my own abnormal psych.  He definitely needs to get fish oil and be put into a mentally stimulating environment.  Schizophrenia is interesting, the associative property of memory seems to not actually be working correctly, so he speaks about subjects that do not follow logical memory associative properties.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lol interesting morning

So I finally met some of the pot smoking hippies with 4 year engineering degrees, high GPA and everything, deciding to be homeless hippies running around collecting welfare simply because they don't want to work.  At least if they had some skill as musicians then they could do shows. Occupy wallstreet anarchists are a trip.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lack of technician positions available =(

Unfortunately, I have seen a great lack of technician positions in CA and NC so-far.  I think it's perhaps because I need to get up to Santa Clara and go to the conferences?  Job adds are rarely listed online and  they are mostly hired though inside sources.

Jim at the JSNN has been good enough to hire 3/6 graduates at the school, but outside of the state government technicians, the private sector has been unable to actually create the job offerings that the projections have been calling for.

Supposedly according to projections, another 40,000 jobs were supposed to appear in the Triangle/Triad, and more in the Northern California area as well.  I have not seen the listings.  I might have to continue to look.  I think it's about time to email my professor's and see what's going on, and hopefully I can keep my GPA up through these hard years.

Talking to some of the people out here, I think that as long as Obama is president, the government is going to continue to increase school deficit's and school loans, so poeple are going to have to continue getting their degrees higher and higher until the positions become available.  I think I have little choice at this point but to continue on the path I've set so-far.

The only positions I've seen so far is senior research scientists, this must mean that either the investors are not giving money for production, or that the post-doctorate researcher positions are so full of post-docs that there is little need for technicians right now, as the science industry in general is taking a big recession.

Hopefully I can to university transfer as this case completes so I can spent this next presidency at college until the economy improves.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm tired of panhandling

JI am starting to have a problem with panhandling.  I straight watched this bum make 5 dollars in 10 minutes outside of a fastfood place, and he didn't even go inside to buy food, he was just saving up for beer. There is free food anyways on skid row, there is no excuse to be starving.  People don't need to smoke cigarettes, they could get a can of chewing tobacco it could last them all week if their nicotine addiction is so bad.

The market at the corner only took EBT (foodstamps) and cash, I tried to use mastercard and he couldn't take it.  I told them to get a square but they didn't even know what it was. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sigh feet hurt

I looked at the map the wrong  way, until my feet were about to fall off.  Hopefully the blisters start to heal.  Where is the endorphins??  I finally made my way to the YMCA, definitely better than skid row lol.  Finally my dogs were kicking me so I got a city bus ticket.  Now I just need to get/ship a pair of tennis shoes down here, get a membership, then most of my day will be fine.  a lock too

Sunday, November 4, 2012

San Julian Park reminds me of the yard in the penitentiary.

I don't see any difference between San Julian park and the pen lol.  Some psycho~bz sitting next to me jabering nonsense, and a bunch of OG's ( old gangsters sitting there playing pinochle and poker all day long reading old newspapers.
On the way over I happened to hear the worst accordion player in my life.  I actually gave him a dollar, while he pathetically tried to play the accordion, while his partner was passed out drunk in the middle of the day; with a bottle of half-drank vodka laying there untouched.  He looked as if he was unconscious for a few hours.
There is actually very old laws about swearing and drinking in public, but the problem is if they just kept locking people up over and over, they will just make the state broke.  Otherwise I think this park is a good idea for the city, because it gives the institutionalized people somewhere to go without breaking the law.
Outside the park it's a little more lively with a bunch of youngsters running around rolling dice and slinging dope.
Old man can't play accordion

More issues with South Central

Here is a few more pictures of bums on the street (Sunday all the businesses are closed, so the streets are quiet), but the biggest problem also is the track pickup schedule.  They either need to increase the size of the trashcans, or they need to increase the amount of drivers and trucks picking up Tue trash.  Like who owns the sidewalk?? I suppose because it belongs to the county, however I think it would be no small matter to keep the sidewalks pressure-washed, but 1/2 of these poeple don't speak English anyways lol.  pic continued.  Unfortunately I wanted to buy a pad-satchel, but everything is closed today. :-(

South Central Skid Row #2

This is me testing my mobile blogging application, I decided to walk around when I woke up taking pictures of all the street people, a few of them are foreigners; one of them was a Vietnam Bet.  I think they need a small computer center down here, since this place is totally offline except for 3g and Starbucks. it looks difficult to arrange photos on the o.line application, however these blogs can be edited later.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Los Angeles Skid Row Mini-Documentary Part 1

Well! I just came down to South Central Los Angeles, because this is the only place that there is homeless shelters, there was none in Sacramento (Unfortunately the kindness of my parents only will go so far, but they have been good to me).  I don't want to sound like Mein Kampf, but it is a slightly similar story (and I do have that Hitler-like glare, unfortunately he belongs in South Central with the rest of these Meth/Coke addicts)

I have been living outside of Civilization for quite some-time (About 6 months).  My mother was kind enough to get me a quiet country trailer with W/P/S/AC where I could leave in peace and clean air.  Unfortunately I had to come back to California to apply for an expungement.  As you get closer to the street-people epicenter, the roll up doors with Hispanic and Asian business's fenced in line the up against the streets.  I had to wait at the train station with my bags (I arrived at 2:30AM), where plenty of security was available, these bags weigh me down, and makes it difficult for me to defend in a street fight where I am encumbered slightly and drop my electronics bag, damaging my equipment.

Los Angeles is still very wealthy, as one block is filled in with nicely built public buildings with iconic architecture,  but as I wander down to skid row, my heavy boots are unused to walking this kinda distance with blisters on my feet (thankfully I have some nice 11" Red-Wings, water-proof mudding boots (the same kind you use on oil rigs)).

In every alley, the stench of open urine and sewage fills the air, people sleeping in cardboard boxes,  or plastic tents tied to shopping carts.  I am not sure of the bed capacity down here, I was lucky enough to have a pre-arranged phone-call with my mother calling the shelter ahead of time.

I actually went to the wrong shelter before dawn (Union Gospel Mission), I had about 10% battery left on my trusty hand-held android, when I got a text message for the correct place (Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission).  This little $500.00 computer has been a lifesaver ($40.00 a month with insurance in case I drop it, with synced google accounts (Iphone's can suck it)).

The first problem I can see is that the sidewalks need to be pressure washed,  there is so much gunk on the sidewalk I sat down in I am kinda worried about bacteria at this point or staph infections, and it kinda hurts to stand up for that period of time.  Some people are creative using lawnchair's and what-not to just crash on the street like straight up Snoop-Dawg.

What I don't seem to understand is why many people are unwilling to live in the shelter's.  Many of these people choose to remain addicted to their drug addictions as street people, refusing to live in shelters (because of the warm weather); because they refuse to follow directions or stop their drug addictions.

There is many cripple's on SSLA skid-row, running around with false legs, and wheelchairs (especially the elderly).  85% of these people are African-Americans with drug addictions and criminal records (I want to take some stats survey's soon, to get a more realistic picture of what is going on.)

Nobody seemed very willing to try to attack me or mad-dog (it might be my clothing, or my face; when I did time a few years back I had to stand up or retreat from team's of 4-5 people at least 3-4 times, I never had backup; I've been lucky so far, I just don't try to push my luck).  There definitely isn't any good looking women out there (most of the women are not physically attractive or elderly, which accounts for them being on the street; Put Beyonce out there with me and watch how fast she gets off of the street.)

One thing that is nice to see, unlike India or Bangladesh; is that there is no children on the streets because of foster care/ orphanages/ CPS  There was a long line out-side for food (but most of the people get food-stamps and what-not anyways, which gives plenty of food.  In NC, the welfare policies are different it's based on sex/race/age/health/marital-status/children unlike California.

I have seen maybe 10 white people on the street, most of them look like they have drug problems.
I am definitely going to have to stop smoking outside; I worry about when the rainy season comes the moisture can definitely give you consumption (Tuberculosis), and I'll need watch where I sit.  Furthermore the health department needs to regulate these Charities, (I had a stale-donut earler, but it wasn't bad I love stale bread anyways).  =)

I do not understand how these people survive in this petri-dish (coming from school in a bio-med lab), I am definitely going to have to get some anti-bacterial soap and maybe a nasal-face-mask.  I might have caught a cold already from the door-handles (I am not sure haha).  I think TB is a serious problem out here, which needs to be fixed by the LA county enforcing clean pressure-washed sidewalks, and putting people into a squatters lot.

One thing that gets me upset is about these people passing out alcohol to these old alcoholics, is that they drink 1/2 a 40 oz. and they start getting the shakes (Like seriously they need to start to mandatory control these things (I am not a cop but giving alcohol to people with the shakes is ridiculous).

I bought a pack of Kools when I got in from Union Central to calm my nerves a bit (It's been at least 10 year's since I've been down here).

Then some skinny black-dude rolled up on me asking for a lighter, so thinking he was going to light up a cigarette, he pulls out a crack pipe and starts smoking with my lighter.  My lighter being contaminated, I just sighed, handed him the rest of my pack of smokes, and let him keep the lighter.  I don't need cocaine-particulates in my blood stream, Menthol tobacco is already starting to make the right side of my body feel funny (that's why I have been limiting my intake and taking an aspirin a day)...=)

Ironic that at the same time, the black community is playing the Gospel music full blare at 7:30 in the morning, with this long food line of old ex-cons.  The strange thing about homeless shelter's is, they kick everyone out during the day (I am not sure for what purpose), and they wouldn't let me check in my heavy bags.  It's ok.

Many of the people talk to themselves, from their schizophrenia-split-brain issues, or the lack of inter-personal-relationships.

I had a good conversation with about five of the older black guy's out there, they undeniably support President Obama.  Some of the guy's have been to prison, and they haven't yet obtained certificates of rehabilitation, so they can't get jobs or loans, and forced into welfare and poverty.

I started talking about options and asked them why they live in the inner city; I explained how North Carolina is actually a much better place for blacks (as there is black owned business's with black employees, black universities, and they are screaming out here about stopping segregation.)  I told them they would have a lot better quality of life living on welfare in a country trailer, but they just try to say that white people will abuse them and treat them like Negro slaves on a plantation, and yet I suspect they stay in the inner city, because of the lack of need for vehicles and maintenance, also the availability of drugs keeps them here in the inner city to satisfy their addictions.

I just don't understand how homeless inner-city blacks are more concerned with satisfying their drug addictions and saying that white males are going to enslave them if they move out into rural areas.  I was arguing with them about how many black farmers there are in NC, and how there is a lot more of an older African-American labor class in the south, whereas I have not seen this in my 27 years of living in the west, where the major California cities are filled with trash, human refuse, and yet they are threatening riots of a republican is elected.

I reminded them that 5 votes in California is worth 1 vote in a small mid-western state or on the east, and also suggested that some of them head up to Massachusetts to take advantage of the Anti-discrimination laws.  Some of these guys have felonies that are 20 years old, and the state stops publishing criminal records after 7 years (I myself am scrambling to get my record reduced to go back to work with hearings scheduled in a few months.)

I am definitely arguing in favor of two options, either one; a real ghetto such as Amsterdam is established, as a legal drug zone for junkies to live in, that is separate from the shelters.  I haven't seen the crips/bloods or Sureno's out in force yet, this really is just a bunch of OG's trying to survive; Or they declare martial law on the inner cities, set up tent cities with federal enforcement on the drug trade and bum/camps that are military police'd.  I think the current status quo, relying on the church donations from the people to fund these homeless shelter's is not good enough.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tron Part I: The the world of programmable atoms and Immersive Augmented Reality

I just recently saw the movie Tron: Legacy. Besides the painted suits and special effects, having such a good movie about Tron being virtual reality is not very far ahead in science fiction.  There has been many movies and TV shows (Mostly Anime) about having virtual reality or molecular structures creating structures that can be considered to be real, powered by an electronic source holding the atomic bonds together loosely.  This is not an academic paper please don't treat it as such =)
Protagonist and the Silicon Life form =)

A few other interesting TV shows:

Fractale - a Japanese Anime about the world 400 years in the future, with a supercomputer matrix making body doubles for parents and families, soldiers and doctors, which are nearly indistinguishable from the other humans.  There is Nano-materials implanted into the sensory organs which allows people to see and hear the  characters from within Fractale, as well as providing medical care for the humans.  Nobody has a job or money, the machines do nearly all the manual work as well as produce manufactured goods.  The AI machines on the other hand, function on a capitalist system which supports the socialist human system.
Fractale Virtual City

The humans are controlled by a cult of priests, who have forgotten the technology that was even built, but have a system of data-syncs disguised as a religious ritual to refresh the nano-materials through photonic excitations given off by a machine that appears to be a building.

DennĊ Coil - is a Japanese science fiction anime television series depicting a near future where semi-immersive augmented reality (AR) technology has just begun to enter the mainstream. The series takes place in the fictional city of Daikoku, a hotbed of AR development with an emerging city-wide virtual infrastructure. It follows a group of children as they use AR glasses to unravel the mysteries of the half real, half Internet city, using a variety of illegal software tools, techniques, and virtual pets to manipulate the digital landscape.

Denno Coil- Glasses having a DDOS attack

Many of these dystopian fictional accounts, are caused by a control society attempting to create a utopia; However I think that any future reality will have little to do with the events in these TV shows, however they are very inspiration as seeing in video or cartoon the implementation of augmented reality. The science behind these TV shows is not far off.

Denno Coil is a dramatization of Project Glass - a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD).[2] Project Glass products would display information in smartphone-like format[3] hands-free and could interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands.[4] The prototype's functionality and minimalist appearance (aluminium strip with 2 nose pads) has been compared to Steve Mann's EyeTap.[5][6]

The second technology being developed to further society into augmented reality is the Electronic Contact Lenses electronic contacts lenses, with press releases written in 2008. This is merely to create a visual/audio immersive HUD system connecting to a computer system.

Christie 3D visualization systems are available however 3D holographic projectors are not considered retail goods and are custom priced by need for large display.  Flat projectors are available on the market right now but 3D holographics may take 5-8 years to come out on the market for portable devices.

Optics/ Sound/ Cloud computing is currently available on the market or are in development.  However nano-science is taking another leap ahead in university research labs and in academia as mentioned in "Hacking Matter":

"THE FLICK OF A SWITCH: a wall becomes a window becomes a hologram generator. Any chair becomes a hypercomputer, any rooftop a power or waste treatment plant. We scarcely notice; programmable matter pervades our homes, our workplaces, our vehicles and environments. There isn't a city on Earth-or Mars, for that matter-that isn't clothed in the stuff from head to toe. But though we rarely stop to consider it, the bones of these cities-their streets, their sewers, the hearts of their telecom networks-were laid out during a time when the properties of matter were dictated exclusively by Mother Nature. Just imagine: if specific mechanical or electrical properties were desired, one first had to hire miners to extract appropriate elements from the Earth, then chemists and metallurgists to mix precise proportions under precise conditions, then artisans to craft the resulting materials into components, and assemble the components into products that could then be transported to the location of desired use. The inconvenience must have been staggering.
Single Atom Transistor

Wil Mccarthy. Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite Weirdness of Programmable Atoms (Kindle Locations 19-24). Kindle Edition.

One of the major technology issues involving augmented reality or robotic control is the ability to control robotics or mechanical processes with thought, and/or holographic touch screens.  Holographic touch screens were a registered patent in 1989 from Hughes Aircraft company (expired), however this requires a physical controller, either a wii-style controller, or a keyboard.  Being able to control or operate an transparent interface by hand on a touch screen is possible using current technology using organic film touch screens.

There is a non invasive method to roughly move a cursor and read various words using the mind-reading (EEG) cap.  However the resolution on the EEG is not good enough to create a non-invasive way of perfectly reading a brain scan to differentiate every thought or impulse, the slightest movement of the helmet will through off the scan, making this a useful devices for some uses, but perhaps inaccurate as a controller.

Ion Channel Quantum Dot
Using inject-able Nano-antennas it is theoretically possible given the correct quantum confinement of the gold nano-particles to give off a radio band frequency capable of exiting the cranium skull case;

"The presented antenna transforms the non-directional QD luminescence into a directed light source that can be efficiently collected, simply with a low NA. Further optimization of the many Yagi-Uda design parameters, including the addition of more director elements, might sharpen up the unidirectional cone and tune the central emission angle. The operation bandwidth can be increased by the use of a log-periodic design (C. A. Balanis, Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design (Wiley, New Jersey, ed. 3, 2005).).

Nano-antennas may be used as bio-sensors to detect neuron activation which then can be triangulated into precise imaging using z-slice reference angle to create a precise brain map and diagnostic (Invasive yet uncumbersome:

"Neurons transmit electrical signals by adjusting their interior and exterior ion concentrations using membrane-bound proteins, known as voltage-gated ion channels. These channels consist of six transmembrane-spanning subunits containing positively-charged alpha helices, which are believed to mediate the opening and closing of ion channels through electrostatic interactions with the membrane surface.11 Typically, this occurs through modulation of the membrane voltage, resulting from the opening or closing of a ligand-gated ion channel in response to the binding of a chemical neurotransmitter. However, external manipulation of these pores is possible, as evidenced by the success of patch-clamp and microelectrode array devices.  It may also be possible to produce a voltage change using the electric field produced by the dipole moment of an optically-excited nanocrystal. Nanoparticle dipole moments result from charge separation between the electron and hole in the exciton. This occurs primarily because of electron trapping at the nanoparticle surface. These dipole moments create an electric field and associated potential."

This would allow computer systems and living things to have an effortless interface, bringing the machine world closer to the human world.

Another concept addressed in Tron was the idea of spontaneous creation of a silicon life-form.  This may not be entirely possible as in Tron, but bacteria have been shown as the Mono Lake NASA testing to use Arsenic atoms instead of Phosphate.  Tron was very similar to "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", the idea that the entire movie was dramatized as being on the NanoScale, and that the entire time the world was represented as digital data.  The other argument is that Tron was perhaps not a physical world, but a simulation of reality, where the persons themselves were actually not taking up physical space at all, but were a digital persona which was copied into a computer via DNA sampling and personality sampling or brain-reading if memory can be accessed (The physical body disappearing was just hypothetical)

This is why Tron is unlikely to happen as in the movie, or the person in the movie would not likely be the "real" selves as the people, who wanted to create a digital world space as an alternative reality.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coursera Classes!

I am very pleased with my Coursera Classes. I am a few days behind on my lectures (I am supposed to have another class start on the 15th).

I had a hassle free drop from the introduction to Mathematical thinking (It was too basic for me to need it); Yet my Statistics I class is so in depth that I with that the was working all the time, because the R software is so difficult to use.

I need to get some more books on the R software because it is one of the most amazing analytical software pieces I have ever seen for data manipulation, far beyond mathematica stats package.

I have already taken stats in Community college (I didn't get a C, a D instead), but it was decent enough that I am taking it again.  I love the interface for the program, unfortunately not all of the students are doing the assignments and there is not quite an accreditation, so I am just listening to lectures and trying to plink away on R (I am having a file detect problem).  I can see R being useful in almost every field of study.