Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A raw unproofed speech for a small credit class. It was decent.

One habit of a successful student is organization.  In our current century, electronic note-taking and organization is a good way to keep information at our fingertips.

Most college students in college will end up having poor grades in school, merely from not organizing themselves and being aware of due dates.  Due dates and deadlines are a very important part of school and of real life.  We must take as much effort as possible in trying to collect our notes together into a single platform and use task management to be able to sort through our tasks regularly, and stay on top of our responsibilities.

How many people understand that at any given time there may be up to 20-30 tasks at one time to manage and work on in a multi-tasking situation, in which it is necessary to be able to stay on top of project management; as in self management and be able to organize.

In the bible there is a quote which says,"Redeem the time, for the days are evil."

It is very important that we begin to try to redeem our time in productive ways, by organizing our finances, scholarly organization of papers, and making productive time into our assignments by continuing to work on our personal tasks, from day to day, to maintain productivity.

Even being unemployed I would recommend using google calandar/gmail/outlook.

Right now there is many applications available on android, and I can quickly look at my classes on android, and know what my assignments are. I am still struggling currently to try to port over my blackboard onto android, and copy down the syllabus down faithfully, and schedule my time wisely and try to complete my tasks in a timely manner.

Personally I am not a lazy person, I do my best to collaborate and get onto projects and completely them as effectively as possible.  However it can be difficult sometimes with information overload or even assignment overload.

In fall 2011, I had a very hard 20 unit semester with Calculus I, Statistics, and Organic Chemistry at the same time, combined with two non-transferable nano science classes, all which required a lot of personal reading and study, and had a huge workload.

I began to quickly see that I was bogged down from the work-load, and recieved two "D"'s that semester because of being overloaded with information and assignments.  I was darting around from class to class, trying to remain on top of all my note-books and assignments at the same time, and even then I was not physically capable of doing all my homework and assignments at the same time because of the physical amount of time required to do the work.

I should have dropped classes, but I did not drop I stayed through the entire semester.  Once I am capable of integrating all my platforms into a single unified scheduling program, I have seen personal results on task completion and an increase in my GPA, simply from being organized and on top of my assignments and deadlines.

Some people are naturally organized and get exceptional grades and often-times get leadership positions in companies because of their successful leadership abilities.  I feel that it is a very good idea to strive to increase our personal leadership and organizational skills by being good communicators with our instructors, and task-masters, and bill collectors, and colleagues in business.  Well organized people are capable of getting a lot more work complete and begin to become an asset to an organization.

Franklin Covey has a seminar that people often go to, in the pre-electronic period, businessmen would often use day-planners or steno-pads to organize, however I support online organizers, because I have at times had my electronic devices stolen, and having a cloud computing system available with my notes and assignments and schedule online, can keep myself organized on any device, even a public computer.

In conclusion, perfection of organization is a powerful skill, which can be used to great effect to create one into a successful employee and successful leader in any kind of organization.

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