Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lack of technician positions available =(

Unfortunately, I have seen a great lack of technician positions in CA and NC so-far.  I think it's perhaps because I need to get up to Santa Clara and go to the conferences?  Job adds are rarely listed online and  they are mostly hired though inside sources.

Jim at the JSNN has been good enough to hire 3/6 graduates at the school, but outside of the state government technicians, the private sector has been unable to actually create the job offerings that the projections have been calling for.

Supposedly according to projections, another 40,000 jobs were supposed to appear in the Triangle/Triad, and more in the Northern California area as well.  I have not seen the listings.  I might have to continue to look.  I think it's about time to email my professor's and see what's going on, and hopefully I can keep my GPA up through these hard years.

Talking to some of the people out here, I think that as long as Obama is president, the government is going to continue to increase school deficit's and school loans, so poeple are going to have to continue getting their degrees higher and higher until the positions become available.  I think I have little choice at this point but to continue on the path I've set so-far.

The only positions I've seen so far is senior research scientists, this must mean that either the investors are not giving money for production, or that the post-doctorate researcher positions are so full of post-docs that there is little need for technicians right now, as the science industry in general is taking a big recession.

Hopefully I can to university transfer as this case completes so I can spent this next presidency at college until the economy improves.

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