Sunday, November 4, 2012

San Julian Park reminds me of the yard in the penitentiary.

I don't see any difference between San Julian park and the pen lol.  Some psycho~bz sitting next to me jabering nonsense, and a bunch of OG's ( old gangsters sitting there playing pinochle and poker all day long reading old newspapers.
On the way over I happened to hear the worst accordion player in my life.  I actually gave him a dollar, while he pathetically tried to play the accordion, while his partner was passed out drunk in the middle of the day; with a bottle of half-drank vodka laying there untouched.  He looked as if he was unconscious for a few hours.
There is actually very old laws about swearing and drinking in public, but the problem is if they just kept locking people up over and over, they will just make the state broke.  Otherwise I think this park is a good idea for the city, because it gives the institutionalized people somewhere to go without breaking the law.
Outside the park it's a little more lively with a bunch of youngsters running around rolling dice and slinging dope.
Old man can't play accordion

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