Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well I haven't been able to start on that stats paper yet

Well a few days on the train I'm beginning to feel almost back to normal.  Los Angeles didn't treat me so well, all my electronic devices were pilfered and looted.  Now I have a phone I am going to have to figure out how to re-establish a device system.  I just saw the newest android pad out on the market it's half the price I payed for my old one.  But I don't really need one now that I have a phone. 

I think at this point I am going to need to worry more about theft than worrying about having a cool tablet or laptop to use.  I didn't really need a phone my 7.7 was cost effective and it worked for 9 months, and had a 40 dollar a month cost.

Well I lost 3 changes of rotational clothing and my electronics, but at least I made it out with my wallet and shoes (I was able to drop by the verizon store and got an older android, a 3.2 on my tab).  I am kinda pissed off the pad was 500 dollars but I didn't anticipate it getting stolen.

I still have my desktop computer at home, I think at this point I will stay ultra conservative and just stick with the phone and desktop (I will keep my eyes open for a flat screen, if I have to use Photoshop, Mathematica or something I think mobile it's not worth it, I can still read on my phone with little difficulty).

This is why I think the 3d pocket projectors for cellphone  will be a hot item on the market, because it's small enough to fit into your pocket to prevent theft but give a large enough screen to see things.

Im not in school right now anyways i don't need my portable computer.

This side pack is nice, I have a charger pack for my cellphone, it helps a lot.

I think for now on i will just use a photographic notepad with one note uploads. I am so dirty I need a shower lol

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